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(Evolution in Indonesia-Timor Leste Border) – At the eastside of Timor Island, a simple house-looking building was changed into a luxurious huge building at December 28th 2016, inaugurated by the president of Indonesia, the building becomes the pride emblem especially for Directorate General of Customs and Excise (DGCE) and also for Indonesia. People know it as Integrated Trans Boundary Post Motaain or in Bahasa, it is called Pos Lintas Batas Negara Terpadu Motaain.

In the past, as the daily activities under the burn sunlight of Pulau Timor, Customs Officer of KPPBC TMP B Atambua gave the finest service to service users by having them recorded in Customs Declaration (CD) and also having them as border crossers and border crossers’ goods manually and alternately checked. This procedure is considered inefficient since it causes the deficiencies in implementing the monitoring and checking function of DGCE to the border crossers, border crossers’ goods, and crew members. Meanwhile, the manual way and procedure as mentioned before is so time-consuming that it will be a way more ineffective to be implemented continuously.

Currently, in a place called Rajawali 1 Building, one of buildings at Integrated Trans Boundary Post Motaain, the Customs officers still undergo the recording activities towards the border crossers by using CD, but it is complemented and completed by metal detector and X-ray machine to ease the Customs officers’ obligatory. Besides, it brings a good impact for DGCE to run its function as monitor and checker towards the border crossers and their goods. Rajawali 1 Building is equipped with air conditioner and also so huge roof that the Customs officers and border crossers as DGCE’s service users can do the activities without any distractions, such as a bad weather, a noise, and so on.

Nowadays, Motaain becomes the role model post for other Trans Boundary Posts in Indonesia. There are three primary buildings stand in Integrated Trans Boundary Post Motaain; these are Rajawali 1 Building, Rajawali 2 Building, and Rajawali 3 Building. Rajawali 1 Building is the integrated service center for border crosser from the arrival of Timor Leste to Indonesia or Oecusee District Transit and departure from Indonesia to Timor Leste or called as Oecusee District Transit to Timor Leste. Not only officers of DGCE who stand by in Rajawali 1 Building, but the officers of Immigration and Quarantine stand by there. Rajawali 1 also has two huge building side located in the right direction which is called as Sayap Kanan (Saka) and in the left direction which is called Sayap Kiri (Saki). The Saka is a place  for checking the importer’s crew members, means of transport and imported goods, especially for an insignificant crew members and motorcycle. Meanwhile, The Saki is a place for service exporter and exported goods.

Rajawali 2 Building has the focus on monitoring and checking toward crew members and cross border with the less capacity, such as checking containers, verifying the export goods of border crosser from Indonesia to Timor Leste, and checking PEB document with the carried commodities to be exported. Then, Rajawali 3 Building has the function to checking the imported goods from RDTL (Republik Demokratik Timor Leste) to Indonesia, SPMK and PIB document picking, crew members checking especially for the huge crew members, also sticking and picking the safety emblem from DGCE. SPMK is the stand of Surat Perintah Membawa Kendaraan. Cross borders needs SPMK in case they want using their cars to cross the borders. Meanwhile, Rajawali 4 Building is also existed but built in a way tinier which has the function to record the cross borders with temporary visit to Indonesia. Rajawali 4 Building is usually called as the front gate.

With the luxurious and huge structural of building, Motaain becomes the Indonesia’s pride which is located in state border. Motaain evolution is DGCE evolution to show and portray the DGCE resource and capability as the outstanding governmental agency towards the border crosser, for the better DGCE. #Beacukaimakinbaik

(by Hanif Gustav)

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andri · May 15, 2017 at 2:00 am

hopely, the building become a good motivation for KPPBC Atambua to serve better than before. #beacukai(harus)makinbaik

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